This law office concentrates on the following fields:

Asylum law:
If you are a refugee from your home country, you have to pass several procedural levels in Germany to reach your aim.

  • Find the right housing facility which is appropriate for your individual case

  • Your individual application for asylum

  • Examination according to Dublin (which EU member state will check our application for asylum?)

  • Personal interview

  • Decision of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

  • Forms of protection (refugee protection, subsidiary protection, protection from deportation)

  • Your right to appeal against the decision

  • Final decision

  • Right to stay:
    If you desire to transfer your primary home to Germany or if you have already moved to Germany, there are important regulations to abide. To stay in Germany you need to have a visa AND a residence permit. The latter can be grated in form of

  • a permit to reside for a certain time in Germany (especially for employees and education and training, self-employed work)

  • EU Blue card

  • a permanent residence card

  • a permit to stay for humanitarian reasons. The family reunion regulations gives you the right to retrieve your family.

  • Laws of citizenship, e.g.:
    If you are living permanently in Germany there is the possibility under certain conditions

  • gain German citizenship

  • A child that is born in Germany can under certain circumstances attain the German nationality AND its parents' nationality.

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